1500 -1520
Sequestrants & Solvents

Food Additives with a "•" in front of its name shows that it is definitely or possibly Animal Derived.

1505 Triethyl citrate, foam stabiliser

1510 Ethanol, fermented from sugar or other carbohydrates. Used as an additive carrier so frequently unlabelled except in alcoholic beverages. Causes reactions related to alcohol consumption in overdose. 48

•1518 Tiacetin, humectant and solvent derived from glycerol, used to coat fresh fruit in the US.

1520 Propylene glycol, humectant, wetting agent, dispersing agent. Petroleum based. Its glycerin like taste has made it popular for children's medications and other elixirs, and it is used in many topical creams and ointments. It is also used in cosmetics, hair products and deodorants. Propylene Glycol has been linked with fatal heart attacks (when given intravenously), central nervous system depression, and cosmetic or pharmacuetical contact dermatitis. 3, 47, 48

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